Pick a Pasta & Pick a Sauce

Pasta Choices

Linguine, Penne, Capellini
Gnocchi, Tortellini, Cavatelli
Add $2.00

Sauce Choices

$9.95 Tomato Sauce $11.95 Marinara Sauce Italian seasoned sauce $11.95 Garlic & Oil Roasted & minced garlic in olive oil $11.95 Fria Diavolo Hot & Spicy or white sauce $11.95 Meat Sauce Red Sauce with chopped sirloin $11.95 Italian Sausage Red sauce with sweet italian sausage $11.95 Meatball Red sauce with our homemade meatballs $12.50 Alfredo Rich white cream sauce - Add $1.00 for broccoli $12.50 Pesto Fresh basil, olive oil, pine nuts & parmesan cheese $12.50 Penne a la Vodka Vodka Cream Sauce

Side Orders

$5.00 Meatball or Sausage $5.00 Spaghetti or Penne $7.95 Broccoli Rabe $9.50 Broccoli Rabe with sausage



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